Bloomsburg Emergency Eye Care

Bloomsburg Emergency Eye Care

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Emergency Eye Care in Bloomsburg

All health emergencies are scary, but particularly so when they are related to your vision or the wellness of your eyes. Here at Finnegan Eye Care Center, we offer urgent care for such circumstances. We’ll make certain that you are seen right away.

The reason that you seek out our Bloomsburg emergency eye care may be due to an accident or injury through which you’ve suffered with some potential harm to your eyes. Other possibilities include eye pain, discharge of any color, eye redness, floaters (spots in your field of vision), any loss of vision, a possible eye infection, swelling, chemical contamination, or a foreign object or particle stuck in your eye. Just because something isn’t listed above, however, does not mean that you should not take advantage of our Bloomsburg emergency eye care. Sometimes, people will delay getting attention, thinking that it’s not that big a deal or not important enough to be considered an emergency. If it’s got you concerned, you should be cautious. The reality is that many times, it is prompt action that makes all the difference between a simple matter that is easily remedied, and a more complicated one that puts your long term eye health into question. Call our office so that we can advise you properly. Fortunately, we are able to handle nearly any eye-related concern right here with our advanced diagnostic equipment and treatment options. Best of all, you’re getting the care of a specialist. Don’t go to your primary care doctor of a hospital emergency room for urgent eye issues. Only with us can you expect to get the best possible results.

With our Bloomsburg emergency eye care, we’re here when you need us. Keep our number programmed in all your phones so that if and when the need arises, you won’t lose precious time. Every second counts.

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