Bloomsburg emergency eye care

Bloomsburg Emergency Eye Care

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Emergency eye care in Bloomsburg

Taking care of your eye health is essential, and it is our main priority here at Finnegan Eye Care Center. Dr. Finnegan has provided outstanding adult and pediatric eye care in the Bloomsburg area for over 20 years, looking to preserve, restore and enhance the vision of every patient. We offer a wide range of routine services, but Dr. Finnegan can also help when you are in need of Bloomsburg emergency eye care as well. If you think you have an injury, infection or are noticing any sudden changes in eyesight, then pay us a visit as soon as you can.

Eye emergencies need to be treated with care, ad we can provide you with everything you need here at Finnegan Eye Care Center. There are plenty of things that may be considered and eye emergency and it’s important that each instance is treated with urgent care. Some of the most common eye related emergencies are related to infections, such as the ever-common pink eye as well as keratitis. Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is a common infection that needs to be treated immediately – the same goes for keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea. Both conditions come with a set of symptoms, including eye redness, irritation, grittiness, and in the case of pink eye, often swelling and discharge as well. Other causes for concern also include any sudden changes in vision. In minor cases, your prescription may just need to be updated, but anything extremely sudden can be a sign of something larger. For instance, signs of retinal tears or detachment include a darkening of the peripheral vision, blurry vision, flashing lights or halos around lights, and more. In these cases, the sooner you get the Bloomsburg emergency eye care you need, the more likely you’ll be able to preserve your vision.

If you need Bloomsburg emergency eye care, look no further than Finnegan Eye Care Center to get the care you need as soon as possible.

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